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Gareth Eales

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Northampton South

Hello, I am Gareth Eales and I am Labour’s next Parliamentary Candidate for Northampton South.

A bit of background on me; for over 20 years since the age of 18, I have been a postal worker at Royal Mail. I’ve lived in Spencer area with my family all my life and my family have lived in Northampton since around 1880, so I am very much a local candidate.

I’m also a local Borough and County Councillor. Over recent years, I’ve fought four local elections and have been returned each time with an increase in the vote, I believe that is down to the hard work I do on behalf of my constituents – I want to do the same for you, in parliament.

I’m standing to be your next MP because I’m passionate about fighting for bold and transformative change for the town I’ve called home my whole life. In the past nine years, the people of Northampton have experienced the worst of Conservative austerity politics, and despite the bluster, there is no end in sight.

Ruthless cuts and the horrendous mismanagement of local finances by the Tories are putting the most vulnerable in our society at risk and trampling on the aspirations of a generation. Our public services have been pushed to crisis point through reckless under-funding and we have a Tory MP seeking re-election who makes the trip from his home in Derbyshire to vote in Westminster in favour of further cuts that hurt people just like you. This simply cannot continue.

I love this town and I hate seeing what is happening to it. Under-investment, shocking political decisions and weak representation must end. At this election you have the chance to elect a real Northamptonian into Parliament to stand up for you, offer you real representation and a fresh approach.

I want to be yours and Northampton’s voice in Westminster. So please support me and Vote Labour on Thursday 12th December to elect an MP who is From Northampton South, For Northampton South.

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My key five pledges to you are as follows:



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