The Tories have crashed the County Council and it is the ordinary people of the County who are picking up the tab for this mess…irreversible problems will remain, if we do not take action now…

The Government has plans for us – they propose is to dissolve Northamptonshire County Council and the seven Borough’s & District Council’s (including Northampton Borough Council) and create two councils one for North Northants and one for West Northants.  This would lump Northampton in with Daventry and South Northamptonshire (Towcester and Brackley). These are two overwhelmingly rural areas with needs and priorities radically different to our own.  Aside from it being a mismatch, it would also be an assault on democracy…as these changes would massively favour The Conservative Party electorally – that is unhealthy!

Northampton is the largest town in England and a University town that is in the top 10 population growth areas in the UK.  Northampton is also rich in history. Granted its Royal Charter 828 years ago Northampton has administered its affairs ever since. This is a town where Kings resided and early parliaments sat, this town is big enough and we deserve our own council and to have Northampton ran by Northampton! 

This attack on our democracy is embraced by the Conservative Government, Northampton’s Conservative MP’s and ALL of your Conservative Councillors… the botched local council consultation period last summer proved only 37% of people who responded are in favour of what is proposed…but less than 1% of the people of Northamptonshire responded or were asked.  Such a monumental change in our local governance and your local representation should not take place without proper consultation and a clear majority in favour.

They propose to spend several millions of pounds on this restructure which has absolutely no guarantees of success, as the new council will still be saddled with the same debt and Tory austerity cuts to local councils will continue…yet they want to sacrifice our democracy and heritage. No thank you!

Therefore, it is vital we all fight to make Northampton a Unitary Council, as this is the only option that will preserve Northampton’s heritage and deliver a democratic and sustainable future.  The people want our town ran in Northampton by Northampton – so we fight on absolutely unrelenting and the Conservatives Government and your anonymous MP must listen to you.  So please help out and sign the petition below.


Enter your details below and click send, to ensure the decision makers below know you want a Unitary Northampton Council! I will email and write to them on your behalf. Only your name and postcode will be provided, no other details will be passed on.


Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government

Andrew Lewer, MP Northampton South

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Posted: 10th May 2018

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