Residents Parking Survey

A survey of the current residents parking arrangements in your area is being conducted as a result of issues raised by a number of concerned residents.

This survey will help me to better understand the problems being experienced by residents, the causes and potential solutions. But in order to get a true picture of current conditions it is important that you take this opportunity to assist in providing information on how the Northamptonshire Highways can help in improving the lives of residents in your area.

Previous feedback has given some idea of what these problems are and potential solutions and whether residents would support any future changes or if current arrangements are working or need adapting.

I would therefore be grateful if you could advise your views by completing the below survey and sharing it as widely as possible. Gareth.

Your Personal Details

Are you a resident or business

Parking Details

How many cars does your household or business regularly park on the street?
(This does not include off-street or private parking areas)
Do you have access to off-road parking?
(This includes car parks and private parking areas)
Do you have a parking problem where you are living?
If you answered yes to any of the above, in your opinion are parking problems in your street caused by:
Would you support any of the following possible solutions:

Comments and Suggestions

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Posted: 24th March 2019

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