As many local people will know, following the Tories crashing the County Council the Conservative Government have plans for us – they propose is to dissolve Northamptonshire County Council and the seven Borough’s & District Council’s (including Northampton Borough Council) and create two councils one for North Northants and one for West Northants.

This hugely unpopular proposal would lump Northampton in with Daventry and South Northamptonshire These are two overwhelmingly rural areas with needs and priorities radically different to our own.  This plan is frankly only designed to help the Tories electorally, people who let’s not forget have already cancelled your local elections this year. I know many people are deeply angry about all of this, but here is some good news…

The Labour Party have announced that instead of accepting the Government’s plans, we will oppose them when tabled and instead argue for three authorities, one being a Northampton Unitary Council…meaning we would have one council responsible for all services across the town.

A review conducted by Deloitte of the possible options for reorganisation scored the three unitary option highest particularly in this model’s ability to address key service challenges, opportunities or real transformation and locally accountable leadership – with Deloitte recommending that both the 3 unitary and 2 unitary model continue to be considered.

Andrew Gwynne MP, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government said:

“Local Government should reflect local geography and population, which is why we think Northampton, a huge historic town, should have its own unitary council. Despite one of the Government’s own councils effectively declaring themselves bankrupt, we have yet to see them recognise the appalling consequences of their austerity programme for people up and down the country – instead they are dismantling local democracy.”

The people want our town ran in Northampton by Northampton, so I am delighted that national Labour Party policy is to deliver a Northampton Unitary Council. This is the only option that will preserve Northampton’s heritage and deliver a democratic and sustainable future.

So, in terms of where we go from here. Should this zombie government table their proposed changes in Parliament, Labour will oppose them and argue for Northampton to have its own council.  And in the likely event of a General Election soon, the next Labour Government’s policy is to give our town the unitary council it deserves.



📺 WATCH: GOOD NEWS!! – LABOUR BACKS A UNITARY NORTHAMPTON COUNCIL: the Tories have ruined our local councils and attacked our democracy, but…Labour and Gareth offer the town a fresh start! 🌹

Gepostet von Cllr. Gareth Eales – For Northampton South am Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2019

Posted: 7th October 2019

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