Northampton General Hospital and the NHS is such an important issue for local people and it is regarded as the number priority for most. Worryingly it has been announced in recent days that the hospital has been given orders to improve after a watchdog found many issues during an inspection, one being an unexpected maternity death.

The Care Quality Commission or CQC also found incidents of staff failing to store medicines properly while waiting times for those requiring treatment were found to be consistently worse than national standards. The hospital, which employs almost 4,500 staff, has been rated as requires improvement overall, falling from good, which it was awarded in its previous report in 2017.

One line in the inspection report said hospital staff did not all feel respected, supported and valued. Staff feedback showed a “culture of bullying behaviour” – though it stated staff were focused on the needs of patients receiving care…which surely no-one doubts. I know as everyone does, that our wonderful NHS staff work incredibly hard, under intense pressure. The full CQC report is here:

I attended the hospitals AGM back in the summer and I was very concerned to learn there were issues around staff morale, which seem to be further supported by this report. Obviously I am deeply concerned about all of this and I have arranged meetings with trade unions who represent front-line staff to understand more from their perspective. I have also requested a meeting with the Chief Executive of the hospital.

The problems in our health service is not unique to Northampton General. The fact is the NHS is dramatically underfunded. Nationally we have lost over 14,000 beds under the Tories. 4.4 million are waiting for treatment. 620,000 patients wait over 18 weeks for treatment.  79,000 operations were cancelled last year. The year before 18,000 children’s operations cancelled. We have a deficit of 40k nurses and 10k doctors. This is what happens when a Tory government cuts NHS budgets by billions. Patients deserve better. The truth is you cannot trust the Tories with the NHS, and things won’t get any better if this government succeeds in opening up our NHS to a trade deal with the US and into the clutches of Donald Trump, something that if it doesn’t scare you, it should.

It was a Labour government and Heath Minister Nye Bevan that created a National Health Service – our proudest achievement, introduced in 1948 providing universal healthcare for all on the basis of need, free at the point of use.  We must all fight to protect this much loved institution. Labour will invest in our NHS and ensure that patients get the world-class quality of care they need and that staff are able to deliver the standards that patients expect. A Labour government will end austerity to bring waiting lists down, stabilise our A&Es and deliver the quality cancer care patients deserve. We will also scrap prescription charges in England.

This coming General Election is a battle for the future of our NHS. If elected as your MP I will fight for… A fully funded NHS. A National Care Service. An end to privatisation. More doctors, more nurses. The health of every child first. Free prescriptions. The best quality care for all. A public and universal NHS. The next Labour government will rebuild our NHS, so please support me when the time comes and VOTE LABOUR. Gareth.



📺 WATCH: 🆘 NORTHAMPTON GENERAL HOSPITAL 🏥🚑 = TRUTH is you cannot trust the Tories with our NHS, whether it be fake investment or a trade deal with Trump. We must fight to protect OUR NHS ❤️✊️

Gepostet von Cllr. Gareth Eales – For Northampton South am Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2019

Posted: 2nd November 2019

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