Residents in Billing and Bellinge are up in arms after bus operator Stagecoach made changes to its number 16 service, which came into effect on 28th July, meaning a number of streets that run off Fishponds Road now do not have easy access to a bus. There is huge anger and concern about this. Many people now feel cut off, as a bus service is some peoples only form of transport. As a result there is a community campaign underway, seeking the return of a bus operation along Fishponds Road.

A public meeting will take place so residents can come together to discuss how the campaign can grow. That meeting will take on Thursday 22nd August @ the Bellinge Community House, Fieldmill Road, NN3 9AQ – starting at 7pm. This public meeting is essential, as if there is to be any degree of success, we need people to work and come together.

*Residents requiring transport can request it. Stagecoach have been invited to attend the meeting, to hear first-hand how this operational change is affecting people.

Posted: 15th August 2019

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